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Aghajani Handicrafts Shop design by Maliha Aghajani


Location : Isfahan-Iran
Type : Commercial
Design year : 2015
Status : Completed
The client didn’t want the shop to become a gallery. A shop with a large width that offers three main products of handicrafts, namely, “copper and Pardaz (enamel)”, “copper and khatam (marquetry)”, and “copper and turquoise” as well as predicting a space for management and meetings. To address these needs, we defined the management space by a perforated wall that separated one-third of the shop and placed central showcases to provide a certain circulation for the customers in such a way that prevents disorderly walkabouts. Therefore, we would have sale spaces with determining counters and a defined circulation. Finally, we fashioned a distinct visual identity for the brand by creating certain motives in the interior design that are now used in all the branches and the graphic identity of the brand.