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Alborz Facade design by Maliha Aghajani


Location : Tehran-Iran
Type : Renovation of the Facade
Design year : 2020
Status : Design
Alborz Ceramic is the manufacturer of a novel exterior material for the construction industry named porcelain brick. The design goal in the renovation of the building’s facade was to utilize the porcelain product with minimum complexity in such a manner that it be possible for all construction contractors. The challenge of the project was its flat facade and opening with unequal distances. To address this issue, a part of the manager's room, which is a large space, is allocated to open and semi-open spaces for the reception of the manager's guests. This way, part of the positive volume is defined as semi-open space. With this approach, the quality of the manager room was improved by connecting the central space and the pleasant backyard as well as creating positive and negative spaces in the exterior form and addressing the aesthetic aspects of the facade.