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Damavand Villa design by Maliha Aghajani


Location : Damavand-Iran
Type : Villa
Design year : 2016
Status : Under Construction
Damavand is a cold region with hard winters. Due to the client’s wish to have wide openings and high ceilings despite the climate of the region, we decided on south windows with maximum glazing and minimum outward projection in order for the sun to penetrate into the interior spaces. Other climatic anticipations were the use of double doors to regulate the air and windbreaker wall in front of the entrance.
To achieve better lighting, the building has lifted its basement (swimming pool story) up about half a story’s height. However, it has created terraces with direct access to the garden in order to improve the connection between the ground floor and the garden. By predicting a void space with a view to the garden in the south side of the building, it has given a special quality to the living room on the ground floor in such a way that the occupant can see both the garden and the sky in a single frame. The other request of the client was to have a dais with a good view. The interior design of the third floor has created a sitting place at the heart of the space that, coupled with the tall windows, provides a proper view of the garden for the residents.
Considering that the region does not have permanent residence and the building has broad windows, we decided to provide wooden window bars to control the visibility of interior spaces from outside during the nights as well as meeting the security needs of the villa.