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Ferdowsi House of Wisdom design by Maliha Aghajani


Location : Mashhad-Iran
Type : Cultural Center
Design year : 2021
Status : Counsept Design
“Shahnameh” is a collection of interconnected narratives. Ferdowsi blurred the line between history and myth in Shahnameh so masterfully as if all the characters are real. Where Ferdowsi appears in the role of a historian, he narrates a historical event with such passion and fascination that it seems he is composing a legend.
The form is coherent and opens only partially to the city in its narrative path to invite the audience to listen to more stories in the apex [of the building] and the entrance arch, by creating self-replicating and successive porticos, invites [the audience] to an imaginary journey inside.
As one enters the inner central space and sees the staircase in the middle, he/she has stepped in an imaginary journey with the characters of Shahnameh stories. Here, the imagination is like a fluid that is constantly changing in vertical and horizontal surfaces with the constant transitions from one space to another. Such transformation that is happening in different vertical levels hints at the abundance and multiplicity of imagination and myth of the Shahnameh; an unending and self-replicating imagination that resembles an endless maze.