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Jodouei Residential Complex design by Maliha Aghajani


Location : Tehran-Iran
Type : Residential
Design year : 2020
Status : Under Construction
The residential project of Mr. Jodouei was defined by the oblique line on the south edge of the building, which was because of the high-voltage power line passing by. Considering the tilt of the south facade to the west and the undesirable west radiation, we tried to break down the facade into smaller south-oriented parts. This way, apart from eliminating the glare of western light, we would receive more south radiation in winters. Since the facade is not designed flat, the gross area is not reduced either. Additionally, by moving the modules in each storey, a playful geometry befitting the floor plans and the facade is created and the facade scale is grown down to human level. On the other hand, the presence of terraces with small trees in the design tries not to cut off the view to the forest park in front of the project but to draw it inward and provide a vivid view with greenery in the facade.