Bumman Design team is founded with the goal of research-directed design and construction under the management of Malihe Aghajani, a master’s graduate of Tarbiat Modares University, Tehran, and Ali Esmaeilzade, painter and sculptor.
The main concern of Bumman’s generative theory in architecture is to find the appropriate language for the arrangement of the intended dynamics in the projects, in accordance with the ecological view and the fundamentals of architectural aesthetics. Here, ecological design is not intended as a static design process that only looks in the past but as a time-conscious process that sees the developing future of the built environment and its constant changes and developments. Bumman aspires to improve the quality of the contemporary architecture of Iran by converging the national architecture with “Man”, which means living space or residence in Persian.

Maliha Aghajani

Master of Architecture
Tarbiat Modares University

Ali Ismailzadeh

Bachelor of Electronic
Painter and Sculptor

Elahe Aghajani

Master of Architecture
Tabriz University of Arts

Reihaneh Kaviani Shamsabadi

Bachelor of Architectural Engineering